About Me (Padmakar Kappagantula)

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a postgraduate degree in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. I am working as a Human Resource Management professional in India’s Corporate sector.

I am a self-taught artist and currently work with acrylics on paper and canvas, with occasional forays into pastels and other media.

To me, the world of colours opens up infinite possibilities of mute expressions of the inner unconscious, of the psycho-spiritual realms and of the chaos both within and with out. I think that it is a medium through which I try to balance out the existential issues and fill up the vacuum of inner spaces.

I am fascinated by the grace of the human forms and that of nature, both of which find their expressions through several of my art works. Music and equally silence is a compelling force inevitably finding their rhythms with me, awakening the quest to discover more of myself through working with colours. Colours are therapeutic to me, at once revealing their infinite possibilities of identification with the immanent and at the same time satisfying a certain hunger and thirst for self-expression, almost like snapshots of growing up.

Exhibitions I have taken part in: